Coisof Harajuku Ice Cream

September 26, 2017

Coisof Harajuku 

I actually just saw the ad for this shop on Facebook and since it's literally blocks away from where I work, I came to try. It's actually a shop that serves savory ice cream (kind of). Coisof is a shop that serves sesame seed flavored ice cream. I know I'm not gonna be a fan but I tried it anyways.

I tried the mixed flavored one so to taste both flavors at the same time. The flavors are white and black sesame seed and the balls are rice pops. The rice pops are my favorite! Soooo good!! Don't skip the rice pops please! Can I just say that when I went there, they have a promo that they can put more rice balls for free and I was like, no thanks! But man, when I tried it, I was like, more more more!!


It's actually not bad. I kinda like it to be honest. I might try it again soon. You know, there are just a lot of things to try and look forward to! :)

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