Enoshima Beach with Friends

September 08, 2017

Made a fool out of myself with this hairstyle. Yup. I was so happy that this trip came to life as planned two years in a row already. We were all like, if we don't go now, we all know it wouldn't happen at all this year and so we went. 


I came here to tan more than to swim but I can't seem to achieve such. That tan is actually just the tent's shadow. Also, I was babysitting most of the time. Don't ask.


This is actually the nearest beach from all of our places so we decided to go here. Also, we were with a child who might not like long hours of travel. 

It was not very pretty. Water was hella muddy. View was chaotic. Sun was perfect though. 

Yuki Chan

I have been here in my early years (according to my mother) but you know, I have no idea. It all looked new to me. 


This is us 5 hours later. 

Yuki, Mikie, Sara, Ate Michelle

We didn't have much time because Sara has work and goodness gracious, she's just so magulo kausap. So we came to the beach and she didn't bring anything!  And she kinda blames me because she said she asked me if I'm gonna swim then she said that I answered with something like, nah, I'm just gonna sleep under the sun or something. Which I did, for the record! But that doesn't mean I wouldn't swim. And it doesn't end there! Before inviting her, I asked if her schedule's clear and she said yes but on the day itself, she said she had to work at night and that we should have told her earlier. Goodness, Sara! But it's okay. If anything, I'm so so so glad she came! :) Life saver!! Sara, if you're reading this, I'm not mad. This is just how it works here. 

Before going home though, we were able to eat Hotate! My fave. It was hella expensive for 800/pc. It was 500 in Osaka!! Rip off! 

the market (sort of)

That's all! I'm so glad I was able to spend time with friends. Ciao!

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