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September 22, 2017

My favorite Nepali friend.  We may differ in views and all other stuff but you know, she's still my favorite. I'm not in any way tolerating all her deeds but she's my fave.

Chicken Tikka!

Supposed to eat TANDORI but since we're tamad, we ate the boneless version. It was kinda good! 

mango lashi

I also like their LASHI. Must have been very popular in Nepal because every restaurant I went to offers this. 


Nothing really special about this momo. I just think I like GYOZA better.

 Also nothing special is this garlic rice. I mean, it's not even a Nepali food but since we ordered, must include!

lashi and chicken tikka
my lunch set

Cheese Nan for the win! It's sooooooo good! 

Mutton and Keema Kare

At this particular restaurant. I ordered the hottest option for kare which I wouldn't ever do again. I still enjoyed my food though! I just thought I would have enjoyed it better milder. But anyways! So yeah I think I may have told you that Kare is my favorite food of all time (or is that Takoyaki?) and yeah, I think Nepali/Indian food serve me well. Will probably try more food from there in the future! Bye!

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