Ramen 壱角家 Sagamihara

September 11, 2017

Second nearest ramen house from my place so you know what that means! Food trip! 

stamp card

I have been here a total of 5 times I guess. It's not fantastic but it's not bad either so I'm not really mad about it. 

This is one of the modern ramen houses around town which I'm okay with but you know I kinda prefer the old school kind of shops where you just see everything being done in front of you. 

alcoholic coke and chashu tonkotsu ramen 

The chashu was very delightful! I liked it. 

tonkotsu ramen

This is probably my favorite. I mean, I know I vowed to only compare chashu ramen from ramen shops but you know it's good to come back couple of times to compare a couple of items from the shop itself as well. 

Ajitama Ramen

It's a very common ramen shop and you can always find similar tasting ramen everywhere here in Japan so yeah. That's all!

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