Zushikaigan Beach 2017

September 18, 2017

ombre skin tan or what?

That uneven tan is from Enoshima Beach. So I thought I'd be able to fix my tan by going to this beach but oh well. Let's see! 

Shin-Zushi. Somehow I feel so uneasy going to this place. You know, someone I used to know lives here. Oh well. Goodness gracious. Bitter??? Hahaha

the beach

It was so early when I got there. The sun was not even out. Well actually, the sun was not out until about 10-ish and I got there around 8. 

The water is/was hella clearer in Zushi than Enoshima. Though the only problem that I saw is that it was very rocky! I didn't swim or anything so it wasn't really a problem from me. 


Also, because it's jellyfish season already, not a lot of people came. Bonus for me to be honest! But!! Lots of barking dogs so as much as I wanted to sleep whilst tanning, I wasn't able to. 

And with that being said, the unevenness of my tan just got a little worst. Tan is almost gone by the way so don't ask. Ciao!

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