October Air

October 01, 2017

Hola! It's October! It's getting colder. Rainy season is kind of over. It's starting to look a lot like fall. My kind of season. Got a few things to tell you so leggo! I got a haircut!! Yay! Also got it dyed but nothing dramatic. I think it's the last haircut I'm gonna get in years. I think I got rid of the damaged hair from when I had it bleached. OMG hair and life! LOL. I actually wanted to go back to red but nah. In less than 3 months, I'll be going to the Philippines! Definitely something to look forward to! :) I miss my family. Better grab the chance while I still can. I miss everyone! Speaking of the fam, this month, my sister Mika turns 18!! Like, what? I can still remember the days when she was just a little annoying puff ball! I can't say I'm not proud! Advance Happy 18th Birthday, guuuurrrlll!! Where did the time go? Anyways. 
I've been really thinking a lot these days. Asking myself a lot of things. To be honest, as carefree as I seem, I kind of have a lot of worries. The future is scary. I just hope it finds me well.  All I can do about it now is to start with a very light heart. That's all, I guess? 

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