Ichiban Yakiniku 

October 22, 2017

Ichiban Yakiniku

This used to be Takarajima Yakiniku but now it’s called Ichiban. I went with Hidemi and baby Tora!! Who’s not soo baby anymore by the way! 


The meat they serve is not top quality but since I was really craving fatty meat and stuff, it sufficed! We probably ate three or four times the meat on the table. Also ate a lot of other things such as soups and fries. 


I wasn’t actually able to eat ice cream on its own but I heard it was sooo good!! 


Hidemi made us some waffles as well! You can top it with either choco sauce or caramel. And if you fancy, ice cream!! 


This reminds me sooo much of my childhood! 


Cotton Candy Machine which I don’t dare operate. Sister Hidemi dared and successfully made us some. 


That’s all! Thanks Hidemi for cooking and for making all the sweets! You know, I’m always sooo tamad grilling and stuff. Thank goodness everyone around me does all the work and all I do is eat!! Haha 

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