15 Things I Tumblr-ed About


Goodness gracious! So you know, back in my day, there was Tumblr. If I have to compare it to anything now, it’s like Pinterest. You know, some definitely have personal accounts but for most of us, it’s blogging minus the commitment. Anyways, I started blogging with Tumblr in December 2009 and my last post was in April 2014. So basically I was with this site from age 18-22. Sooo young, huh? Also, my handler then was PERIPHERALSMILE.TUMBLR.COM. Just sayin’. So yeah here we go.

15. The Witty Stuff

OMG, right? Like, what if?

14. Food 


Basically of cakes, cookies, sweet stuff, Korean food, and pizza. I’m very predictable. 

13. Art


I’m not even much of a fan now. I mean, sometimes.

12. Life


Because we all think of this once in a while. And it’s okay. 

11. Words of Wisdom

You see, Tumblr is not always about dark/heavy stuff. 

10. Cute Boys


Francisco Lachowski, everybody. 

9. Vintage Looking Flowers


This is soo nice! Something I’d do when I set up my own clinical laboratory. Or you know, just hang a picture of it.

8. KPOP stuff


I liked them then, I still like them now. Some things last (a very long time). 

7. Ballet Stuff


I find ballet pictures very calming for some reason. They’re just very composed. 

6. Nail Polish Stuff


Chunky Glitter Polish for life!

5. Shoes


I can’t believe I posted soo many shoe stuff. Don’t get me wrong though, I like me some shoes! But man, I won’t even dare wear half the shoes that I posted. What was I thinking?

4. Football Stuff

Actually stopped watching few years after Spain won the World Cup. 

3. Fashion in General

Though I may have posted some dresses I won’t even wear now, these I want to grab and replace my wardrobe with. Or is it too much for my age? I’m old. 

2. Harry Potter Stuff


I think this post was before I was even sorted to Slytherin. I wouldn’t probably get the Death Mark as a tattoo but you know, can’t say I don’t find it charming. 

1. The Eiffel Tower


I mean, of course I did. 


  1. thats a great collection you have in your tumbler


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