Tokyo Disneyland 2014

November 08, 2014

It's been a while since I visited and place and even though it was quite a short trip, I think we need were able to maximize the day and was able to do what we have to do so yay!

They do have quite a lot of signage of Tokyo Disneyland so it's really tourist friendly. 

I still think I did a better picture of my mom in the same signage though. 

This I remember from before. I don't know if it's just me but even though how much they change the theme, it still kind of look the same. Is it just me?? 

I have a picture from this but I still think I took a better picture LOL. Maybe my mom is just a better subject. 

So when we entered Disneyland, I was overwhelmed because heck it was so crowded. I was like, how can we go thru all the rides with all these people interfering with our success? Then I already accepted that it won't be an easy day for us and we have to queue to all the rides. 

Selfie. My mom was like, selfie selfie!! And then you know, I don't really get why it's called a selfie even if there's two of you in a picture. Maybe because it indicates that you take the picture yourself. IDK.  

I think this is the only picture we have that's not a selfie. Tip 1: Disneyland crews are allowed to take pictures so I say you grab the chance to! 

Love love love the flowers in Disneyland. When I saw it, I literally looked like I came for the flowers hahaha. 

Mickey flowers in different colors. 

Adventureland! I think this is the part of Disney that we were really able to explore. 

I had some tiramisu stuff which I really enjoyed because you know, we were in a line and got really nothing to do. My moms' below and I think she enjoyed hers as well. Probably not as much though. 

The queue for our first attraction was like 90 minutes!! Can you just imagine that. Like, whut? 

The first attraction we queud for was Jungle Cruise which apparently is new but I swear I have seen this already since like 2008. Or was it another Disneyland that we visited?? 

Jungle cruise was not so impressive and it took us longer to queue than to actually ride the thing and another disappointment was that IT'S A SMALL WORLD WAS CLOSED. Gah! 

I don't know but I think it was my first time eating turkey leg or maybe not. I don't know really but it really taste familiar so it's probably not my first time. My mom actually held the turkey leg for the camera and I actually ate two which made me really want to puke but still I was able to finish it like a boss. 

Just when I thought we totally missed any parade for the noon, they announced it like before I bought the turkey leg and voila!! Made it!! 

My favorite but not favorite ride!! I just like it because I like the idea of Peter Pan but then the ride itself really made me dizzy. Also, just when I thought that I haven't rode this yet, it actually looked so familiar.

Disney at night looks really magical. I mean, with all the lights on and stuff. 

See, I really take good pictures. LOL. 

Oh can I just say that we actually didn't have proper meal whilst we were at Disney but this one is like in front of the Mad Hatter in front of the Queen of Hearts restaurant or something. It was beautiful with all the red flowers. 

Then yet again because of the long queue of some ride we were lining up for, we didn't get to watch the storytelling something program in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

During the story telling, there were so many fireworks fillers and I struggled to get photos of it. 

They were pretty!! 

Mom took a photo of me with all that Jack-O-Lanterns and I was not a bit interested and took a photo of us with the castle and mom was like, baby it's dark outside. Hahaha 

Then we went inside The Haunted Mansion despite waiting time being 130 minutes. But actually, it only took us about 45 or so minutes to actually go in. 

Oh then!! Can I just say that we waited for like 90 minutes to get in the jet star thing because I think it broke for some reason and I was actually able to sleep while waiting and yeah we got really dizzy so mom bought ice creams to make up for it. Winner!! I feel sorry for putting my mom in to that situation though.

Then to the Electrical Parade! I'll make sure I'll bring my eyeglasses next time because although I can see the lights and all, I can't see the faces of the characters which is bummer because I've been dying to see Peter Pan but you know, I saw his shadow. Pretty close!!

Though very simple, I really liked Snow White's float.

The BAE!! Like, living and dying for it! 

Toy Story!

I think Cinderellas' float was the most enchanting. Like, the lights on her dress are changing colors and all that. 

It was a fun trip!! I wish I could stay longer and ride all the rides we were not able to ride. But then if you came in at 11AM, you can't really complain that much. Yay though. 

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