15 Eventful Days of Mum in Japan

November 16, 2014

My mom came to Japan and these happened. It may have been a short trip but I probably wouldn't have done the same amount of things if I were alone. Anyways. Let the story begin.

We signed up for a Costco membership card which cost us more to pay for the membership than the things we bought.

My mum is so good at asking people to take pictures of us so we have quite a few of that to treasure. This is before the hair cut. 

I had a haircut!! Also, I colored my hair lighter which kind of disappointing because I didn't have the exact color that I want but happy at the same time because the stylist said that I now have a base color which will make my hair color more prominent the second time I color it. 

We went to my mum's friend's house which was a relief for me because the last time I went here, the baby boy and I weren't exactly friends but now, it seems like we're in a good terms and he kept playing with me whilst he's insulting my momma hahaha.

Went to Machida and bought some boots and a gift for my cousin's birthday.

Went to lunch with my bestfriend of 11 years and man it was awesome. 

We went to Kamoi to go to Lalaport but first ate lunch at Sukiyaki which is my mum's favorite "fast food" restaurant because of their Cheese Gyudon which I am quite confused of but I guess I like it.


No one to take my picture here before so I'm happy my mom came to the rescue. 

For some reason, this place is not as gorgeous as it is without all the cherry blossoms. But beautiful still. 

Even though it's kinda freezing, we had a scoop of ice cream each because we're weird like that. 

It would have been prettier if there were Sakura. Oh well papel. 

Picture of mum with her favorite fruit of all time! My mom kept telling me to post this on Facebook and I was like, yeah yeah I'll do it but we all know I ain't doing that. Sorry mom. 

We then went to Disneyland!! I kept telling her I would totally go on my own and she told me to wait for her to come to Japan because she would go with me and it did happen. 

I revisited Sakuragicho which is like my favorite place as of the moment.

We had lunch with our friends. Yay for friendship!! Also, the food was so yummers. Can I just say that I ordered some alcoholic drink in front of my mom? Hahaha I actually didn't know it was an alcoholic drink because I was only able to read the "lemon" part of it but when Hidems ordered it, she was like, "and 1 lemon scotch" WINNER IN LIFE!! 

Then we went to Hachioji which was kind of our finale and yeah it was all good! We ate Takoyaki and shopped for pasalubongs! 

It was an awesome 2 weeks. I know a lot of my sleep time was stolen but you know, still awesome! Can't complain. 

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