Sakuragicho Yet Again

November 14, 2014

It was so nice to be back. I so remember my first trip and my Nepali friend asked me when will "fall" be witnessed and I was like, around November. We went there the last week of October and we witnessed its beginning. I love fall! 

As always, it was so beautiful. Like, I can't stop admiring how beautiful this town is. Can't actually wait until the Sakura season starts. 

The Cosmo Clock selfie. 

Really gorgeous view. Oh also, they were like having a wedding celebration on the other side and they (guests) were like waving at us for some reason and my mom was like, if they would call me in, I'm definitely going.  

In front of the World Porters which is quite a small shopping place with all the good stuff in. My mom was like, uh oh! Credit card is in danger again. Hahaha I just love my mom. Would definitely watch Hunger Games here. 

Minato Bridge picture. My mom just thought it's a brilliant place to take a picture here and I was like, meh okay. 

Here's what I'm talking about. I remember this specific tree because when I first visited with friends, that Nepali friend asked me whilst pointing at this tree. Because there were like some yellow leaves falling off from it that time. Now it's life brownish-red of some sort. 

Then of course. 

Porters selfie. 

Then we went to Cosmo World. A little amusement park across the mall. Quite an unremarkable place to take a picture but hey. It looks like I am wearing a crown.

I was then able to solve a mistery this day. I asked my mom why she likes taking pictures with the vending machine and she was like, because there's no such thing in the Philippines. Why though? There should be some in the Philippines. 

And I swear there are a lot more picture of my mom with the vending machine. 

The decoration was quite festive with all the lights on and stuff. I don't remember visiting the place in the past so I don't know if it's always like that. 

I super like this picture. 

Then they have that heart thingy and you know! Must take pictures. 

For some reason, my mom looks awkward. Hahaha

Then we were lucky to be able to have our picture taken by a lovely couple. 

At this point, we haven't eaten anything proper yet and when my mom saw this crepe store and she knows I love my crepes so she pointed it to me and voila.

This crepe store's crepes' name are super long that even though you can read them, you'll just end up saying its corresponding number. 

Then we ventured on further Cosmo World. What I liked about the place is that it's free for those who doesn't like to ride. You can just like walk and eat and lurk. 

Always a beauty. 

Then there's like a place where there's  Christmas stuff but yet again I don't know if it's supposed to symbolize Christmas. Well Christmas for me at least. 

There were like houses too which sometimes doesn't really have anything in it but some like have portrait workshop, candy store, Game Center, attraction even. 

They do have like Ice World which I think is inappropriate since it was kind of cold the time we visited. 

Going back already. Yeah it was really an awesome place. Definitely my favorite place to hang out to. 

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