New Camera! | Canon Kiss X9

May 01, 2018

I guess I wasn’t as in love with my previous camera as I was in my previous previous one so I got one of its new sister. Canon Kiss X9. I like it. Not that I didn’t like my Fujifilm of course. I liked that one too but I don’t really have a control of it. Anyways, I couldn’t be happier that it’s my sister who has it now. 

I didn’t order the double lense thing because I already have the heavier lense from my X7. 

This is a test shot from my camera. I don’t really know if you can get anything from it since I’m not really good at it anyways. 

More test pictures I guess

One thing I like about thsi camera is the phone transfer feature. My Fujifilm had that feature as well. Also it’s screen flips which is always nice for selfies. The Fujifilm also had that feature.

Test pictures were all taken during a Sakura Festival nearby my place. In case you’re wondering. In case that is. That’s all! 

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