Nakameguro @ Day Time

April 22, 2018

And I’m back indeed. I was actually thought twice about this but then I remembered that this would actually be my last Spring in Japan so I guess why not?

Just like predicted, most of the Sakura already fell from its tree and yeah I guess that one is another thing to look forward to.

I also went there with a new camera. Will blog about it shortly after this.

Man, I was so red. Can I just say? I had a very dramatic encounter before this trip and I was so relieved so it was kind of nice walking around. 

So pink! 

There were ducks! Soo nice.

Soo nice. 

Also, this day was probably the last nice day to visit the place for Sakura viewing. Like, if you’re late for this whole thing, the day I went was probably the latest you can go!

the sakura fall I’m talking about 

Yas. Gyu Tan is life. 

Moke’s! I always go here during Sakura season. I was gonna let go of it this year but I was like, no! So despite the opening hour moved to a later time, I waited. Nothing dramatic though lol it was moved for like an hour. 

I got this!

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