Super Stay Matte Ink Review

May 22, 2018


This ad I’ve originally seen in a Cosmopolitan article online and I was like, yas! Why the hell not? Unfortunately this item is not available in Japan yet so I had to ask my sisters in the Philippines to buy this for me. 

I was surprised to see the similarities of the products sold. Well, except this one of course.

I got the Believer and Heroine. I was actually supposed to get the darkest but my sister was like, nope! I didn’t. I feel like she knows what’s up and I am just a millenial tita so...

My Heroine look is the one above.

The nude isn't mine by the way but that's what we do in my family. We recycle pictures. It's my sister's. I don't find myself wearing that TBH. I don't think I need any makeup to look more dead than I do now. 


So my fangirl sister have a theory that I don't really approve of. She said it's Believer because it's Justin Bieber's color. Stupid. Formula wise, it’s very sticky. Also a lie that it doesn’t transfer. It’s very long lasting though. I don’t really know if I like it, like it. But it’s very good. That’s all! Ciao! 

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