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November 08, 2017

For some reason, I used Twitter excessively before like I’m an important person. I am not. So you know, I went through my Twitter feed and found the stuff that I Tweeted.

Nothing really special about my Twitter. I mostly used it during my college days. Imagine, I have 2786 Tweets!! I had that much thoughts to tell the world. I don’t really find much use to it now. Let’s take a look at my recent Tweet and then to memory lane!! 

Truth be told! Anyways, leggo! 

My very first Twit happened to be this. A line from Take That’s song Back For Good. 

Exactly one week after, this Tweet happened. Now, I don’t have any recollections of this day whatsoever but I Googled and it’s the day teen actor AJ Perez died of accar accident. I’m not a fan but you know, certain things make you realize stuff. A great time to be thankful of one’s life indeed. 

This!!! Wait for it....

Yup. I know it’s not right to condemn someone to hell because it might happen but in this case, I don’t mind. NOT AT ALL. 
Call Center days!! 

Oh my goodness! Long live the fan girl in me!

Yas!! It was some cheap ass wine someone gave us and it wasn’t any good. Sorry.

I’m old.

And I did. I didn’t learn how to play it though. 

Let’s just say that my brother didn’t stop in 2012. And 5 years later, yes, I’m still bothered. 

Huh! I don’t remember what happened here but oh my it can’t be any more relevant!!! 

Yup! Proud! 

So you know. Board Exam blues. I survived that too! FYI. 
That’s all! 

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