Gone Too Soon #Franco

November 11, 2017

My heart. He was 24. I’m soo lost for words. I can’t. Sooo I’ve recently liked one of Showtime’s Hashtags and then this happened. If you know me, you’d know I’m a huge huge huge HUGE fangirl. I’ve recently joined a fanclub of his and was supposed to go
to their Christmas Party on January when I visit the Philippines but I guess it won’t be happening. For goodness sake I have just watched Showtime Online yesterday. I know it was recorded though because Anne Curtis was getting married yesterday sooo
all the other hosts are of course there at the wedding so no live show for the rest of us. Man, he was sooo alive. How did I found out about this? Break time at work. Sooo it all started on Instagram when I was checking my mail for the how-abouts
of the Christmas Party when I noticed that the fanclub’s Insta’s profile is black. You know, they do that nowadays when someone died. I didn’t mind! I checked the Instagram page and no new post or something so yeah. I then checked my Facebook and
read an interesting article my co-medtech shared. It was about a girl finding out about this guy’s conversation with a girl about naughty stuff and them cheating and stuff. Being the nosey person that I am, I just checked kung maganda ba si girl.
And then browsed a little then found an article about Franco’s death. OMG. I can’t. That was when it all lined up. Searched Google and boom! Confirmed. Man, it hurts. I then messaged my sister Mika, AKA probably the only person I told about this fandom.
Man, I can’t. It’s a sad day. 
It’s a very bright day today. I read it has something to do with Venus and Jupiter. I’m not sure. It’s so sad that Franco don’t get to see it. It’s sad some people that I care about don’t get to see it. I remember Franco’s IG story about him missing his
tita whom they visited during undas. Life. Paalam, Franco. Now I don’t have a reason to watch Showtime Online. It wouldn’t be the same. Scattered thoughts, huh? For those who are reading my blog as of the moment, Carpe Diem. Life is hella
unpredictable. Traitor sometimes. It’s very humbling though. I mean, knowing we don’t have a hold of our time. And that we’re all just made up of smaller particles that if exposed to a certain environment, at some point, we would stop functioning. That’s all. Thank you.

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