Why I got an iPhone X

July 01, 2018

I have no idea. I’m actually pretty okay with it. I mean, it’s definitely something you have to get to used to but I don’t really have any bad blood with it whatsoever. I wish they created a plus version though. That would have been really nice. 

Snap from the YouTube video that I uploaded. Not actually an unboxing but meh it was there lol. I’m not really sure why I got a new one when I definitely promised myself not to get anything new for a while. Oh well. The camera is good though! Or is it just me? Also, it’s an iPhone like no other so...I like the idea of it. 




That’s all! I hope Face Recognition works better than it does RN to be honest but all in all, it’s an okay phone. I miss Touch ID though! I mean, it’s troublesome to actually put the phone in front of your face to unlock but whatever. Ciao! Did you get the iPhone X? What do you think of it? 

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