Nakameguro @ Night 2018

April 19, 2018

I went to Nakameguro because you know, about time I take a break from all the work that I’ve been doing. I went there at around 4 in the afternoon and it was my first time going there when it’s very crowded and festive. What else do I have to say?

Definitely very different than just going alone. But also kind of nice because you get to enjoy the view with the rest of the crowd. You know what I mean? 

I had to go to this. Because if I wait for my next off, it wouldn’t be this pretty anymore. 


I just realized I said it’s different that just going alone when I still went alone only at different time. LOL.

This is very clever to me. No?

I had oysters! Actually thought they’d be oyster shots when I ordered them but this was very good too! 


The wine was not even good but the whole idea of it is very charming. Strawberries were very sour too! Put them both together is not any good but when you add walking around Nakameguro in the equation, quite fine. 

Nakameguro River

Oh you know, the thought that I won’t be here in Japan next Spring is kind of haunting. Life must go on, I guess? I’ll be back for you, Japan Spring! I will! Remember that. I hope Spring in the US is fine.

Also had Ttokbeokki. I mean, it was not bad.

Nakakaganda ng very slight ang lights. 

I really prefer the day but you know, will I go there again at night? Yes.

Nakameguro festival

They had this very light show at the end or start of the road. It was magical. I liked it! That’s all! 

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