Japanese Drugstore Makeup! Again.

April 08, 2018

So when I was at the counter, the pharmacist was like, it must be hard being a girl. Heck, yes! Anyways, I bought this because I guess I’m so ready for new make up and that I’m ready to welcome the orange phase. Also known as the tita phase. I’m so over with pink. Pft. Anyways, here’s what I got from the drugstore and what I think about it so far. 

Being a tita comes with having to take care of your skin. I never thought in my life that I have to do this everyday to prevent future damage. Thank goodness for my Asian genes though.

I seriously don’t get this. I had something similar before. I didn’t get that either. Anyways, all I can say is that this is definitely not a pore eraser. Oh maybe they should specify how big of a pore it can cover. Mine is extra! 

Can’t believe that I’m the fool again. Westlife, anyone? So yeah, when I was looking for foundations, I was soo drawn into this. In fairness it actually gave a good swatch! Not so when applied to the face. I should start swatching my face next time! When I backtracked my blog post for some reason, I saw that I already had this before. Below is an excerpt from my blog dated April, 07, 2016. Sad to say that I’m still not that impressed now as I was then. 

Same thing.

Coral cream. Also not a fan of this. It doesn’t give me the color I want. The packaging is cute though! Also not something I hate. 

This one I like! Very moisturizing. I like the color as well! Although this one doesn’t  really last long. Why can’t we just have it all? 

Canmake mineral powder. 

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