Top 5 Snacks in Harajuku

March 19, 2018

Crepes! I mean, if you like sweet stuff, (even if you don’t) you should try crepes in Harajuku before leaving Japan. If you ever visit Takeshita Street, you can find a lot of crepe shops you can’t miss it. I have tried crepes from all of it and they all taste the same so don’t even bother choosing. It’ll just give you headaches.

My favorite is this WALNUT CHEESECAKE CREPE that they only sell in Angels Heart. The oldest crepe shop in Harajuku. I wonder why they don’t have it elsewhere because this right here is perfection. 

There’s this different crepe shop where they put brûléed pudding instead of whip creams and fruits and all that and for some reason, it’s simple and delicious.

I think I like the walnut better though. IDK. I want to try it one more time but based from experience, sometimes once is enough. 

There’s this shop. Two snacks! Also recently, they launched the white sauce version. The difference is very subtle.

It’s actually both yummy.

The White Sauce version.


Their softcream looks kind of different now. Like, it’s less appetizing. It might be because of the formulation of the cream or something but I don’t know for sure. It might be temporary.

This is the normal one. 

Then this shop. Also sooo yummy! 

Poterico Salad

Freshly fried chips!

Another snack I’d like to introduce is this cheese snack. It’s popular among kids because it stretches kind of. 

This is quite yummy. With lotsa spices. 

Last snack is long fries. It’s actually very popular. There are two shops that sell this. The one run by a foreigner and one inside the food court. 

Plain and Salted. 

With ketchup.

This place is better than that of the foreigner’s. Or so I think. I just think this taste better than the other. See it for yourself. 

Avocado cheese flavored fries.

I forgot this but it had some meat flavored stuff so yeah. That’s all! 

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